Tree trimming is a necessary part of your home's maintenance. Although it can be an arduous task, it's benefits are well worth it. Tree trimming isn't just for aesthetics; trees must be kept healthy. Unhealthy tree limbs can be an accident waiting to happen and they cause more problems than many people realize. Keeping your property's trees properly trimmed can avoid many costly problems including damage to your property and/or your neighbor's property, power outages, vehicle damage, or even injuries to your family.

Trees that are properly maintained can add value to your home and even reduce utility costs. The benefits of trees on your property are numerous but they must be taken care of in order to reap those rewards.


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Brad's Tree Care, for all your tree service needs. With over 9 years experience serving the River Valley, you can trust Brad and his team to handle even the most severe storm damage. Whether you need to have trees removed, tree trimming, tree pruning, or stump removal, Brad and his team are here for you! Call (479) 719-3396 for all your tree service needs!

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